A Space Economy for Everyone.

By providing the tools to build, support and access data, assets and services, Ephemeris enables a vibrant NewSpace ecosystem available to everyone.

0.1 ___ Space is not for everyone. But it should be.

The government origins of the space industry have left a legacy of tight regulation and engineering overhead. Private companies have somewhat changed this, but at its core, space remains highly centralized or rigidly brokered. It must scale globally to include many more stakeholders, while preserving privacy and security.

We believe in a fair, trusted space economy based on decentralized infrastructures. And to achieve it, we are building the world's first tokenized space infrastructure, integrating a ground station network, data storage and processing capabilities, as well as marketplaces, creating direct interaction channels between the space industry, and everyone who can benefit from it.

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0.2 ___ How it works.

Ephemeris Protocol will support a satellite ground station network utilizing decentralized computation, storage and marketplace services. This will create the first bridge between data users and space companies - and you can support this infrastructure.

0.3 ___ Users.



Be part of a space economy for the people. Own or support elements of space infrastructures, data marketplaces, or funding instruments - the future belongs to everyone.


Space Enterprises

Revolutionizing the space industry by providing a backbone for standardized, secure access to space hardware, software, launch services, datasets and marketplaces.



Create dApps for the space industry. Monetize code and provide solutions to space agencies, companies and anyone aiming for Earth orbit and beyond.

0.4 ___ DeFi Powered by Data from Orbit.

Take on traditional finance with a new edge - actionable data from space delivered through the Ephemeris Protocol.

The unique infrastructure operating on Ephemeris will generate and carry vast amounts of satellite data on a daily basis. Our upcoming tools to funnel and use this data will allow DeFi applications and users to gain an edge previously only available to traditional financial institutions.

Ephemeris Protocol will supercharge DeFi through tools, integrations and datasets specifically designed to harness the power of space insights, creating an unparalleled fusion of capabilities.

Prediction Markets

Forecasting Tools

Option Markets

Insurance & Hedging

0.5 ___ Ephemeris Token Use Cases.

Stakeholder utility


EPH tokens will provide access to unprecedented insights based on satellite data, unlock orbital launch slots, or securely pool resources in a decentralized data infrastructure.

Reward utility


Stakeholders in the Ephemeris ecosystem will use the token to reward participation, service provision, or validation of events and functions.

Staking utility


Staking EPH tokens to guarantee B2B, B2B2C or B2C models will revolutionize the space industry and replace its current ultra-centralized business models.

Funding utility


Entirely new DeFi primitives will be enabled by the fusion of space assets, services, data and funding options on top of the protocol.

0.6 ___ Token Economics.

Token Symbol


Public Sale Price

US$ 0.12

Real Circulating Supply

12,000,000 (6%)

Real Market Cap

US$ 1,400,000

Total Supply


Token Sale 22%
Network Rewards 25%
Development Fund 15%
Team & Advisors 15%
Marketing 5%
Liquidity 8%
Space Industry Partnerships 10%

0.7 ___ Partners & Investors.

0.8 ___ Roadmap.

T-8 Months
Q2 2021


  • Mapping Ephemeris use cases in the space industry
T-5 Months
Q3 2021


  • Polygon Partnership
  • Expanding space industry partnerships
Q1 2022


  • Finalizing private sale
  • Token launch
Orbital Insertion
Q2 2022


  • Deployment of first $EPH use case on testnet
Low Earth Orbit
Q3-Q4 2022


  • Activating ground sation network & basic data platforms
  • First DeFi use cases
  • Validators
  • Bridges to stategic chains
Hohmann Transfer
Q1 2023


  • Finalization of technical & network layers
  • Launch of mainnet
  • Widening of space industry adoption
Moon Orbit
Q2 2023


  • Activate space product / service offerings
  • Release market SDKs
  • Launch LagrangeDAO & Tengri Network
  • Boost $EPH ecosystem

0.9 ___ Who We Are.

Core Team

Zdravko Dimitrov

Founder, CEO, Business Development

Lazar Kanelov

Co-Founder, CTO, AI/ML, System Engineering

Dimitar Dimitrov

COO, Finance & Planning

Martin Nikolov

Solutions Architect

Stan Chankov

Full Stack Developer

Milen Radkov

Blockchain Architect

0.10 ___ Latest Updates.

14 Jul 2022

A Future in Orbit (2): Edge in Space

Sfera Technologies and Exodus Orbitals will partner in — We’ve already talked a lot about space data and its potential to radically transform the global economy.

22 Apr 2022

Fighting climate change with satellite data — and the tools to deliver it

Satellites generate vast and diverse amounts of data on a daily basis. Why aren’t we using this data more widely to preserve our planet?

14 Dec 2021

The 2021 Roundup

Expanding station network, initiating development of Ephemeris Protocol, and some major events on the horizon.

25 Nov 2021

Sfera Technologies and Hypersign Partner

Sfera Technologies and Hypersign Partner to Decentralize Identity & Access Management for the Space industry

16 Aug 2021

Ground Station 101

A standard mission with an aim to collect one sort of space data uses three operational components: space, ground, and user segments.

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